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Synthetic Web Slings

Introduction to Synthetic Web Slings

Synthetic web slings are generally constructed of nylon or polyester material and offer several attractive features which promote their popularity among rigging products. They are often selected when expensive, highly polished, fragile or delicate loads must be lifted. The softness of the web will not mar, deface or scratch loads, while its flexibility assures a firm, secure grip around the item being lifted. The light weight of the material, combined with superb flexibility allow the slings to be quickly and safely handled by riggers.

Web slings have the ability to elongate, absorbing and minimizing the effects of heavy shock loads. Nylon slings may stretch 6-8% at rated capacity, while polyester slings limit stretch to approximately 3% under similar circumstances. Long life cycles may be experienced since synthetic web is unaffected by moisture, mildew, rot and certain chemicals. Polyester should be used in the presence of acids and nylon should be used where alkalis exist.

Synthetic web slings are manufactured from light or heavy duty material that has been surface "treated" to improve abrasion resistance, seal out moisture, and prevent grit from penetrating the web and causing internal wear. Slings can be fabricated from single or multiple plies, may include accessories such as edgeguard, wear pads or sleeves, and are available in several configurations:

Type 1 : Triangle & Choker (TC) - Hardware on each end produces the most effective choker hitch. Can also be used in vertical and basket hitches.
Nylon Web Slings

Type 2 : Triangle & Triangle (TT) - Hardware on each end for use in basket or vertical hitch.
Nylon Web Slings

Type 3 : Flat Eye & Eye (EE) - Popular, versatile sling used in vertical, choker & basket hitches. Easy to remove from underneath loads.
Nylon Web Slings

Type 4 : Twisted Eye & Eye (EE) - Eyes turned at a right angle to sling body. Forms superior choker hitch & allows better fit on crane hook in basket hitch.
Nylon Web Slings

Type 5 : Endless (EN) - Economical & adaptable sling with no fixed wear points. Used in all hitches.
Nylon Web Slings

Type 6 : Reversed Eye (RE) - Extremely strong & durable for continuous &/or abusive applications. Wear pads on both sides of body.
Nylon Web Slings

The following system is used to identify different types of web slings:
Nylon Web Slings

Therefore an EE1-802 is a heavy duty, 2" wide, single ply Eye & Eye sling. Relative to other types of slings, web slings are best in strength/weight ratio, poorest in abrasion and cut resistance, excellent with regard to flexibility and elongation, and poor in temperature extremes.

Every Lift Uses 1 of 3 Basic Hitches

Vertical Hitch

This hitch is made directly from the crane hook to the load, usually attached by means of a hook.

Choker Hitch

The sling passes entirely around the load with one loop passing through the other to form a slip noose or "choker".

Basket Hitch

This hitch is made by passing the sling under the load and having both eyes going to the crane hook.

Custom Nylon and Polyester Slings

All synthetic lifting web slings can be designed and custom-made to your specifications.

They can be fabricated from nylon or polyester material in the following widths:

1”, 2”, 3”, 4”, 6”, 8”, 10” and 12”

Sling lengths are designed to accommodate your needs & requirements.

The webbing may be light or heavy duty, may be specialized scuff-edge or bulk-
jacketed and may be surface treated for unique applications.

Custom-made slings may include single, double, triple or quadruple plies with either flat or twisted eyes.  Various materials can be used to create edgeguard, wear pads, and sliding or sewn-on sleeves to enhance abrasion or cut resistance.

In addition to single-leg slings, custom-made configurations may include 2, 3 or 4-leg slings with a variety of fittings like oblong master links, hooks and shackles. 

Slings for specific industrial applications such as marine, glass pack, hose handling or wide-body slings can also be custom-made to satisfy your requirements.

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