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Ticknor® Adjustable Rope Slings

Introduction to Ticknor® Adjustable Rope Slings

The Ticknor Adjustable Rope Sling is a unique, patented product fabricated from Yalex single braid, 12 strand, high tenacity polyester rope. It features a standard fixed eye on one end and an adjustable length eye on the other. This distinctive characteristic creates a single sling that can be retracted or expanded to multiple lengths.

A standard 5/8" adjustable rope sling, for example, has a 3" fixed eye on one end and an eye on the opposite end that adjusts up to 16". The overall sling length, therefore, varies between 32" and 48" depending upon the needs of the user. Ticknor adjustable rope slings can be custom fabricated to any length above the minimums to provide an even greater range of variability. Standard and minimum lengths are located in the Rated Capacity charts.

Slings can also be made with adjustable eyes on each end, offering further versatility, and all slings are coated with orange Maxijacket urethane. This coating reduces snags while greatly enhancing abrasion resistance. 4-Leg bridle slings can be constructed with four individually adjustable legs, making it an ideal choice for rigging loads with uneven lifting points.


  • Electric power & telephone construction
  • Single phase & pad mount transformers
  • Capacitors
  • Cross arms
  • Air switches
  • Overhead transmission & distribution
  • Military equipment lifts
  • Material handling
  • Manufacturing
  • Special trade contractors


  • Rig faster, safer & less expensively with fewer manhours & less physical strain
  • Clean, soft, pliable, lightweight rope is easy to handle, transport & store
  • User-friendly product with no grease, rust, broken wires or heavy steel fittings
  • Reduces the chance of rigging injuries & lost-time accidents
  • Will not scratch, mar or damage loads
  • Will not kink or distort after lifts like wire rope
  • Equipped with durable waterproof tags identifying manufacturer & rated capacity
Ticknor® Adjustable Rope Slings


  • Each leg independently adjusts to accommodate a variety of lift-point configurations
  • Adjustable lengths may allow you to reduce sling inventory, eliminate turnbuckles & other connecting hardware
  •  Ideal multiple-use sling for unpredictable lifting applications
  • No metal buckles to "freeze up" or jam; simply squeeze and slide


  • Very high strength-to-weight ratio: 1" 4-leg bridle has a rated capacity of 10 tons & weighs only 16 lbs. (3 to 4 times lighter than a comparable wire rope or chain sling)
  • Dielectric strength in dry condition is less than 1.00 milliamperes at 60K DC volts
  • High tenacity polyester construction has zero strength loss when wet versus a potential 15% loss experienced by nylon web under similar conditions
  • Exhibits less than 4% stretch at rated capacity versus 6-8% for nylon web slings
  • Offers excellent resistance to UV rays (sunlight)
  • Optional chafe guard sleeves improve abrasion resistance at critical wear points
  • Finished with a urethane coating to reduce snags, improve abrasion resistance & prevent contaminants from entering rope

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