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Fall Protection

A personal fall-arrest system is generally required whenever an individual is at risk of falling six or more feet from an elevated position. A properly designed system should include three components:

(A) An anchor point capable of supporting a minimum of 5,000 lbs. per attached worker; will serve as a secure connection point for lifelines, lanyards or deceleration devices.

(B) A full-body harness designed to distribute fall-arrest forces over thighs, pelvis, waist, chest and shoulders; if a fall occurs, D-ring located in center of the back will hold worker in an upright position until rescued.

(C) A connecting device such as a lanyard, deceleration apparatus, lifeline or a combination of these items with locking snap hooks. Must have a minimum breaking strength of 5,000 Lbs.

The maximum arresting force an individual is permitted to sustain while wearing a harness is limited to 1,800 lbs. per OSHA regulations. To stay below this impact force, workers should keep the free fall distance as short as possible and consider the use of deceleration devices or shock absorbing lanyards.

Full Body Harnesses

Every DBI/SALA harness combines maximum comfort, freedom of movement and ease of use without sacrificing safety. All harnesses are designed to securely retain you in case of a fall and distribute the impact forces throughout your thighs, buttocks, chest and shoulders.

Our exclusive Delta No-Tangle™ pad holds the shape of the harness, adding to your comfort and making it easier to put on. This added comfort and ease of donning has greatly increased worker acceptance and reduced the possibility of improper usage.

Because they are constructed from polyester webbing, our harnesses offer better resistance to sunlight and chemical degradation than those made of other materials. With many different styles and various D-ring, leg strap and buckle options, there is always a model available to meet your specific needs.

DBI/SALA harnesses were developed and engineered in full compliance with applicable industry standards including ANSI Z359-1992, ANSI A10.14-1991 and OSHA regulations.

Fall-Arrest Equipment

Fall-Arrest Equipment


5 Point Full Body Harness


Fall-Arrest Equipment

Available in polypropylene, nylon or PD10 combo ropes. Specify desired length, diameter and end fittings such as thimbles, double locking snap hooks, ladder hooks.

Stopfor S Rope Grab

Fall-Arrest Equipment

Attaches to vertical lifelines to allow workers smooth, easy movement up or down. In the event of a fall, the cam lever single jaw grab instantly locks on the rope with a controlled braking action that serves as a shock absorber and arrests downward movement within a few feet. Used with 5/8" diameter synthetic rope such as polypropylene, nylon or polyblend combo rope.


Twin-Leg 100% Tie-Off Lanyard

Fall-Arrest Equipment

1" x 6 ft. lanyard used to maintain 100% tie-off. Constructed of 1" polyester material with self-locking snap hooks at all ends. Shock absorber tears to absorb energy and limit fall arrest forces to 900 lbs. or less.

Pass-Thru Tie-Off Adapter

Fall-Arrest Equipment

3" x 3 ft. polyester web tie-off adapter designed for use as an anchorage connector in a fall-protection system. O-ring on one end slips through D-ring on other end to create choker hitch around beams or other anchor points.

Shockwave 2 Shock Absorbing Lanyard

Fall-Arrest Equipment

The Shockwave2 lanyard features a unique stretchable design that combines light weight with added comfort and safety. It offers complete freedom of movement while reducing trip fall hazards, dragging or snagging by expanding to 6 ft. when taut and automatically contracting to 4 ft. in reaction to worker's movements. Its unique inner core begins to extend and absorb energy once subjected to a fall, stopping the worker in a smooth, controlled manner and limiting the fall-arrest forces to 900 lbs. or less. A rip-stitch impact indicator reveals an inner warning label when the lanyard has been subjected to a fall. Simple lever action self-locking snap hooks with a 3/4" opening are specifically designed for user-friendly operation.

Chain Rebar Assembly

Fall-Arrest Equipment

Designed as part of a work positioning system for applications like rebar assembly, construction and steel erection. Features self-locking snap hook, swivel center and a self-closing/locking aluminum hook with 2-1/4" gate opening.