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Dy-Pac® 18 Increases Rope Performance and Equipment Productivity

  • A resilient 18x19 multi-strand construction and specially selected wire tensiles provide the best strength/performance combination, improving flexibility and rope fatigue life.
  • The Dy-Pac strand compaction process increases the steel area of the individual strands to produce a rope with greater strength, increased lifting capacity and improved rotation resistance.
  • A greater steel area in the rope results in higher crush resistance and significantly enhanced multi-layered drum spooling.
  • A smooth outer strand profile improves rope wear resistance, reduces sheave and drum wear, and allows the rope to run more efficiently on high speed hoisting lines.
  • Greater contact area between each strand reduces inter strand nicking, which is common for multi-strand constructions, thereby increasing flexibility under load and improving security and performance.
  • Specially formulated lubrication increases rope performance, reduces corrosion and minimizes environmental impact due to fly-off.
  • Well-marked core tracers make it easy to identify Dy-Pac 18 high performance ropes.
  • Full technical support allows WRI customers to make the correct Dy-Pac rope selection, obtain the relevant installation, inspection and maintenance procedures, and receive the necessary training.

Dy-Pac® 18 Reduces Operating Costs and Increases Profits

  • Reduced overall operating costs as a result of significantly enhanced rope performance.
  • Reduced equipment downtime as result of fewer rope change-outs.
  • Lower equipment maintenance costs as a result of reduced sheave and drum wear.
  • Lower inventory costs as a result of reduced purchase requirements.

Dy-Pac® 18 for Crane Applications

Diameter Inches (mm) Rope Construction Approx. Weight lbs/ft (kg/m) Nominal Breaking Load Tons (kN)
3/8 (10) 18x7 RRL Dy-Pac 0.28 (0.41) 8.1 (72)
7/16 (11) 18x7 RRL Dy-Pac 0.38 (0.56) 11.1 (99)
1/2 (13) 18x7 RRL Dy-Pac 0.50 (0.74) 14.6 (130)
9/16 (14) 18x7 RRL Dy-Pac 0.63 (0.94) 18.6 (165)
5/8 (16) 18x19 RRL Dy-Pac 0.79 (1.18) 23.1 (205)
3/4 (19) 18x19 RRL Dy-Pac 1.13 (1.68) 32.8 (292)
7/8 (22) 18x19 RRL Dy-Pac 1.56 (2.32) 45.4 (404)
1 (25) 18x19 RRL Dy-Pac 2.02 (3.00) 59.0 (525)
1-1/8 (29) 18x19 RRL Dy-Pac 2.56 (3.82) 74.7 (665)
1-1/4 (32) 18x19 RRL Dy-Pac 3.18 (4.73) 92.9 (827)
Note: Rotation resistant ropes can be used with a minimum working load limit of 5:1, in accordance with ASME B30.5, but perform best when used with higher working load factors. Breaking load values are subject to a minus tolerance of 2.5%