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CornerMax® Pads:

Engineered Cut Protection (for 90 degree straight load edges)

The CornerMax® Pad cut protection device prevents the load edge from touching the sling. In fact, the edge does not even touch the CornerMax® pad! This protector will handle the most extreme circumstances: lifting steel and concrete.

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CornerMax® Pads are one of the engineered cut protection options developed by Slingmax® Rigging Solutions. The CornerMax® Pad is designed to be used on loads that have a 90 degree straight edge. The pad creates a “tunnel” of cut protection known as the “no-touch zone”. The edge of the load does not come in contact with the pad or sling, thus protecting the sling. Note that the sides of the load must completely support the pads in order to create and maintain the “tunnel”. CornerMax® Pads have a rated working load limit of 25,000 pounds per inch (4464kg per cm) of sling width.


CornerMax® Part No. Sling Width (Inches) CornerMax® Approx. Width (Inches) CornerMax® Approx. Wt. (Lbs)
CRNMX02 1 & 2 4 1.00
CRNMX03 3 5 1.25
CRNMX04 4 6 1.50
CRNMX05 5 8 2.00
CRNMX06 6 8 2.00
CRNMX08 8 10 2.50
CRNMX10 10 12 3.00
CRNMX12 12 16 5.50
CRNMX14 14 18 6.50

NOTE: All CornerMax® Pads are approximately 9 inches in length unless otherwise specified.


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